One Click Cloud Validation

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Everything these days is about building Clouds or NFV using a virtualization platform—a platform that should be optimally utilized and elastic in order to deliver the full benefits. But where do you start? Say you have test plans that outline the specific steps and configurations to be tested in the validation process of AWS or KVM or VMware infrastructure. Do you have a handle on network packet and application workload processing? How best to share CPU time and allocate memory resources when needed? How does one cloud stack up with others in your availability zone?

The answer lies in Spirent CloudStress, a smart application that can help you benchmark hypervisor performance and capacity affected by variables like CPU, Memory, Storage and Network I/O. Delivered as a web application, it can be managed from anywhere, with any device. CloudStress is a synthetic workload generator that will allow you to achieve predictability, resiliency and fault isolation in your cloud infrastructure and virtualized applications by simulating its physical footprint.

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Spirent CloudStress enables enterprises, cloud and service providers to leverage:

  • Cloud verification methodologies: collection of pre-configured test methodologies suited for your virtualized applications
  • Dynamic cloud grade workloads: test for capacity and boundary limits using precise realistic load generation to compare/contrast the health of multiple clouds
  • Real-time analytics: instantaneous feedback through real-time analytics and comprehensive reports on how you can improve the underlying infrastructure

Contact us today to learn more about Spirent CloudStress and how it can help you achieve virtual and cloud infrastructure readiness.


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