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Timely, cost-effective test and engineering solutions based on seasoned industry expertise. The Professional Services group has developed a range of targeted solutions to mitigate risk and maximize productivity, which includes lab and test automation solutions.

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Spirent Education & Implementation Services

Spirent’s Education and Implementation Services represent a suite of offerings specifically designed to address the critical needs of customers who are new to Spirent products, who want to assure their equipment performs at its optimal capabilities, as well as those who need to take their test teams to a higher level of testing expertise.

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Spirent Education Services: SCPE Certification

Assure your teams testing qualifications

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Spirent Education Services: Networks & Applications

Training options to obtain comprehensive instruction

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Business Segment
Resident Engineering Program
Extended on-site technical expertise from Spirent for long-term requirements
A suite of performance test services designed to detect and mitigate problems
A fully controllable 'Any-G' test bed, and a customized call model development, delivering a testing environment replicating the carrier's real live network.
Spirent’s EVCI is a comprehensive solution suite of production quality tools, combined with an array of expert CI Professional Services that optimize CI and Agile development, test and release processes.
GNSS Positioning, Navigation and Timing
Spirent's PNT professional services address a wide range of challenges faced by GNSS developers and integrators - including vendor selection, specification/regulatory testing, threat and vulnerability analysis, and much more.

CASE STUDY: Automating Regression Testing for Service Provider

With the scale, spread, and bandwidth of internet services rising exponentially, internet service providers need a way to quickly ensure their infrastructure can handle new demands.

To show how Spirent professional services can help to implement test automation into a lab, this case study explains how one service provider used Spirent to automate its lab for testing.

By creating automated test bays and cases, Spirent helped the ISP to achieve faster, more productive regression testing.

To learn more about this project, download the case study.

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CASE STUDY: Assuring Voice Performance for a High-Street Bank

For a financial institution in charge of millions of accounts; reliable, high-quality communication channels are essential.

Spirent recently helped a bank’s systems integrator to conduct a detailed analysis of how the new firewall would handle VoIP connections. Having engaged Spirent Professional Services previously, they knew they could trust us to deliver a thorough report on the firewall’s performance and suitability.

The leading high-street bank was struggling with inconsistent VoIP performance. While still functional, its VoIP connections would frequently drop out, or suffer from audio artefacts.

The bank chose to deploy a new firewall cluster with the aim of enhancing VoIP performance. But it needed to know if the new hardware would meet its stringent reliability requirements, and if any configurations or cabling would have to modified before it went live.

To learn more about this project, download the case study.

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CASE STUDY: Ensuring a Smooth DMZ Network Rollout for a Major Financial Regulator

A major financial regulator was in the middle of a routine upgrade to improve network capacity, while shifting to a new network design architecture.

Responsible for upholding financial standards across thousands of institutions, the regulator knew its new DMZ network would have to meet stringent security requirements – and deliver high performance – from day one.

Spirent helped the regulator test its new networking equipment– and ensured it could upgrade with confidence.

To learn more about this project, download the case study.

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