Ultimate Cloud infrastructure scoring tool

Spirent CloudScore is the industry’s first comprehensive benchmarking solution to assess and compare the performance of your Virtualized or Cloud infrastructure. This award-winning solution provides you with a scorecard, backed-up by industry standard benchmarking tests to help grade Cloud infrastructure components—Compute, Storage, Network, Applications, and Services.

Features & Benefits

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Baseline your Cloud infrastructures, compare and contrast multiple Clouds like OpenStack, VMware, and AWS
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Reference score driven by industry standard benchmarking tests to measure the performance impact of Cloud infrastructure
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Regular health checks of pre- and post-infrastructure upgrade, and ongoing optimization of multiple clouds

Score your Cloud

With Spirent CloudScore you can compare and contrast the health of multiple cloud instances–private, public or hybrid. It allows you to perform comprehensive analysis on baselining and benchmarking various cloud deployments across OpenStack, VMware and AWS.

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Benchmark your Cloud

Spirent CloudScore is able to test different workloads and traffic models to assess existing Cloud deployments, which allows you to perform comparative benchmarking of alternative configurations to monitor the health of an existing Cloud infrastructure or define the right infrastructure.

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Award-Winning Cloud Benchmarking Solution

Spirent CloudScore is all about giving the ability to make changes and compare the health of multiple Cloud infrastructures. Learn why Spirent CloudScore received a special prize award at Interop Tokyo, Best of the Show.

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How it works

Spirent CloudScore performs a series of highly complex benchmarking tests—both short and long-duration to run in a designated tenant space within a virtualized infrastructure. The test cases include Compute, Network, Storage, Memory, Application and Services—such as LMbench, SPEC CPU 2006, Storage FIO, IPSL Sip, Cloud API performance. The test agents are automatically orchestrated and a Cloud reference score is created along with a detailed report on how to optimize the infrastructure so you can improve the score when you re-run the same tests.

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