Landslide products emulate network functions and control and data plane traffic for millions of subscribers consuming IMS and over-the-top services in 5G, LTE, GSM, UMTS, eHRPD and Wi-Fi networks.

Nokia Selects Landslide for 5G

"Nokia’s 5G Core Solution Validation team is using Spirent Landslide due to its industry leading feature capabilities in Standalone 5G Core. The product is easy to use combined with a wide variety of automation possibilities. My team has very close collaboration with Spirent’s team in order to resolve the future challenges of 5G networks today!”

- Tamás Bicsák, Head of Solution Validation, Nokia

5G Evolution

Spirent Landslide emulates 5G devices, user traffic and network functions to test 5G mobile and core infrastructure, ensuring its readiness for successful 5G rollouts. Landslide’s emulation and testing capabilities support 3GPP release 13 and onwards, making Landslide ideal for validating the entire evolution path towards 5G.

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Assuring the Evolution to 5G

Most providers plan to take an evolutionary approach to 5G, starting with 4G evolved pack core (EPC) control / user plane separation (CUPS), then migrating to 5G non-standalone (NSA) and finally deploying full native 5G. To learn more about what it takes to assure a successful journey from 4G to native 5G, download or request a printed copy of our poster, Assuring the Evolution to 5G.

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Mobile Core

Generate real-world control and data plane traffic of millions of mobile subscribers as they move through the network to test key mobile services like VoLTE, eMBMS, Internet data and emergency services to verify the functionality, performance and scale of the Mobile Core.

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a new networking technology which allows devices such as sensors, computers and everyday items to connect to the cellular network and access services. To ensure its successful adoption, Spirent Landslide offers unique testing capabilities ranging from IoT nodes testing in isolation to full end-to-end IoT service validation under complex call modeling scenarios.

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Spirent Landslide supports a unique set of testing methodologies that combine sets of isolated node and end-to-end test cases that offer service providers and equipment vendors, a fully-controlled test environment. It can be embedded in the NFVI and offer the correct combination of test capabilities and methodologies to ensure a successful deployment and maintenance of a virtualized EPC.

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Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) is the combination of IMS-based voice, messaging and video services over the 4g mobile network. To ensure a successful transition, mobile carriers and equipment manufacturers must ensure that voice quality and call reliability are as good as, if not better than, existing circuit switched voice services.

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With the ability to teste from the core network to the Wi-Fi offload, gateways now extend to the access points, Spirent Landslide ensures that mobile operators can deliver reliable and seamless services to subscribers under fully loaded conditions. Mobile operators and equipment vendors can validate subscriber experience as they move between nationwide mobile networks, carrier Wi-Fi hot-spots and private wireless networks.

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Landslide Diameter simulates real-world control traffic scenarios at scale and emulates the interfaces and adjacent nodes required to test all the key AAA nodes including: HSS, PCRF, DRA/DSC AND AAA. The solution provides the ability to test the Diameter network from end-to-end or isolate a single node. Landslide Diameter is used by service providers and network equipment manufacturers worldwide for testing during development, design, planning, deployment and maintenance.

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Landslide C100-M4

Landslide C100-M4 emulates network functions, devices and user activity at high scale to test mobile core, carrier Wi-Fi, IMS and Diameter networks.

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Landslide C50

Landslide C50 provides the same test capabilities as the Landslide C100-M4, focusing on tests that require lower levels of emulated devices and traffic.

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Landslide E10

Landslide E10 is a small form factor test platform that supports applications for benchtop, lab, distributed and Over the Air testing of Mobile and Wi-Fi networks.

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How to Validate and Ensure a Successful Virtual EPC Deployment

Virtualizing the EPC brings with it a complex set of technical challenges that mobile carriers will need to overcome. This white paper describes those challenges, and sets out a 4-step validation methodology to guarantee a successful vEPC deployment, as well as optimal management of the live network.

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Got NetDevOps?

Rapid, automated validation speeds new services to market, reduces costs and improves quality. But focusing just on Dev teams is only half the battle. To bring these benefits across the entire lifecycle, enable Dev and Ops teams to seamlessly validate and assure networks.

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