Let Spirent’s GNSS engineers do the hard work for you

Planning and constructing an effective GNSS test plan requires in-depth knowledge and experience, and running one takes time. PNT TestBench can help you with both. Simply load up one of our pre-prepared test suites, and with a single mouse-click PNT TestBench will execute test cases sequentially, interact with device under tests, analyse the results and generate a report – evaluating your device for fundamental GNSS performance parameters or vulnerabilities.

Cover GNSS testing, easily.
Choose and customise pre-created test suites to test your device’s key GNSS capabilities…and execute them with a single click.
Save time
Save hours with automated testing
Effective GNSS testing demands each test to be re-run dozens of times. Let PNT TestBench do the iterations for you, then present you with the results.
Test with the latest real-world threats
Confirm your device’s resistance using PT Cloud, a constantly-updated library of real-world GNSS challenges and threats – from current space weather to the latest spoofing attacks.
Understand results at a glance
Take hard work out of analyzing your results, as PNT TestBench carries out the statistical interpretation of results for you – giving you a simple pass/fail, based on your choice of criteria.
Simplified closed loop testing
Easily interface with multiple GNSS devices. PNT TestBench can control the device by sending remote commands, and can also log its data.

Why is automation important?

An introduction to PNT TestBench

Is this right for me?

Our experienced GNSS engineering team will be happy to chat about your test challenges – and advise on which solutions will give you the best results.

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What to test


Time to First Fix

How quickly can your device generate an accurate position and time, from a variety of startup states?



What signal level is required before your device can acquire, and retain a satellite fix?


Reacquisition Time

After a temporary loss of signal, how soon does your device find its position again?

Positioning accuracy


Both when it’s static and moving, how accurate is the position provided?


Resilience to Interference

How well does your device cope with signal interference – both natural and man-made?


Resistance to Attack

Can your device resist, or identify, deliberate jamming and spoofing attacks?

Test Suite 1: GNSS Fundamentals

Essential basic tests for GNSS-enabled systems

Load, select, customize and repeat test cases and scenarios to answer the key questions about GNSS performance:

  • Time to first fix and reacquisition
  • Acquisition & tracking sensitivity
  • Static & dynamic navigation accuracy

Test Suite 2: Vulnerabilities & Threats

An evolving library of real-world GNSS challenges

See how your device behaves when confronted with detailed recreations of the latest real-world signal interference, segment errors, transitions and threats:

  • Real interference waveform signatures
  • Observed space weather & scintillation
  • Recent spoofing and jamming attacks

PNT TestBench Overview

Testing GNSS and GPS performance just got much easier. View the overview to learn more about PNT TestBench.

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Fundamentals of GPS Threats

Understand how the growing threats to GNSS-enabled systems can impact your device – and, importantly, what you can do about it.

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How to Construct a GNSS Test Plan

A guide to the basic essentials, written to help engineers devising a GNSS or GPS test regime for the first time.

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PNT TestBench is compatible with...


Simulation Hardware
GSS6300M, GSS6700, GSS9000
Simulation Software
Interference Generators

Spirent Professional Services can also help you setting up and configuring your device with PNT TestBench.

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