Ensure accuracy of integrated navigation systems

The demand for fast signal acquisition, accuracy and functionality through GPS blackouts is motivating the development of hybrid systems using DR sensors. In order to test these, DR and GPS signals must be coherently generated. SimAUTO effectively emulates DR sensors such as compasses, gyros, and wheel pulses and precisely coordinated these with Spirent’s range of GPS/GNSS constellations simulators - providing a complete test environment for integrated navigation systems.

Features & Benefits

Reduced test costs and times
Coherent GPS and DR sensor emulation facilitates rapid and comprehensive system testing, accelerating time to market.
Repeatable testing
A conversion utility allows NMEA data logged during field trials to be captured as a motion file. An identical journey can thus be reproduced as many times as required without leaving the lab.
Single-axis turntable drive is provided to allow the direct stimulation of heading or leading rate sensors if this is appropriate or preferred.
Integrates with SimGEN™
Parameters such as wheel track, wheel base, wheel diameter, odometer pulse rate & dead band can be set and saved to a vehicle personality file for future use, while SimGEN™ can be used to generate vehicle trajectory.


Spirent’s SimAUTO encompasses a wide range of user focused features which put SimAUTO at the forefront of in-vehicle navigation testing software:

  • Simultaneous emulation of multiple DR sensors consistent with GPS satellite RF
  • Heading and wheel count sensor outputs
  • Single-axis rate table drive for stimulation of heading sensors
  • User-defined vehicle geometry
  • Real-time scenario editing
  • Remote operation driven from file (logged data) or vehicle simulator
  • Data streaming output allows modelled vehicle motion to be shared with other applications
  • CAN messages consistent with modelled sensors available to your CAN specification

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