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Location-aware devices now use multiple navigation technologies to deliver enhanced availability and improved accuracy, in environments where global navigation satellite system (GNSS) coverage is limited or denied. SimSENSOR accelerates multi-sensor and inertial positioning testing in the lab by simulating the output of key MEMS sensors commonly included in location-aware devices.

Features & Benefits

Repeatable testing for faster development
SimSENSOR™ simulates the outputs of accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers and barometers in lab environments, which avoids the problems of testing sensor fusion in the real world, so testing becomes repeatable and reduces time to market.
Powerful and flexible
The software offers a range of features, including noise models for more accuracy, and trajectories that include representative human motion gestures. It also supports testing in tightly or loosely coupled sensor fusion architectures.
Test hybrid positioning
SimSENSOR extends the capabilities of Spirent’s GSS6700 and GSS9000 simulators by simulating MEMS sensor outputs on a common trajectory with the simulated GNSS signals.

Key features of SimSENSOR

  • Operates on the same PC as your existing SimGEN or SimREPLAY+ software 
  • Wide range of noise models, including MEMS sensor Allan variance noise model, magnetometer noise model, etc.
  • Sensor error model with deterministic or stochastic errors 
  • Barometric data model 
  • Library of common ‘gesture’ models layered onto linear trajectory 
  • Delivers data as UDP stream over Ethernet 
  • Options available for alternative delivery mechanisms including I2C and smartphone operating systems

MEMS sensors

SimSENSOR enables core algorithm testing in the lab by presenting Multi-GNSS and simulated MEMS sensor outputs to the bench environment. It simulates the output of four key MEMS sensors commonly included in location-aware devices:

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Gyroscope icon


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SimSENSOR brochure

Full specifications of the SimSENSOR solution.

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Hybrid positioning

Learn how GNSS is being augmented with other technologies to create the future of global positioning.

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