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As the world prepares for 5G, the levels of synchronization accuracy and speed of data transfer required are increasing exponentially. In response, the ITU-T is enhancing the G.827x series of standards to cover next-generation accuracy requirements for PTP and SyncE synchronization technologies.

Paragon-neo offers hardware performance and software test methodologies allowing picoseconds-level accuracy for the entire test system – essential for validating new devices such as Class C/D Boundary and Slave Clocks.

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5G Ready

Highest accuracy for PTP and SyncE testing to new ITU-T 5G synchronization specifications, with speeds up to 100GbE – addressing all 5G enhanced time requirements.

Robust Testing

‘Two-click’ test case driven workflow allows the entire testbed in a box, all controlled simultaneously to ensure accurate, repeatable timing of stimulus, impairment and measurement.


Hardware options for SyncE Jitter to ITU-T G.8262.1 and G.8262, internal and external high accuracy reference options for PRTC testing and a rear expansion slot for further upgrades.

Features and Benefits

Best-in-Class Accuracy
Leveraging years of experience in PTP and SyncE testing, Paragon-neo delivers sub-nanosecond accuracy for key timing measurements.
Easy Configuration
PTP device emulation, Time Error impairment patterns, SyncE Jitter and Wander noise, all automatically controlled.
Real-Time Analysis
Calnex Analysis Tool (CAT) and PTP Field Verifier (PFV) allow real time pass/fail analysis of complex timing metrics and PTP profile conformance, all with one-click report generation.

ITU-T Synchronization Testing Suite

Testing for Enhanced Time


G.8271.1 Enhanced Network Limits, G.8262.1 Enhanced EEC, G.8273.2 Class C/D Boundary and Slave Clocks – all tested with Paragon-neo.

Testing for New Networks


100GbE all the way down to 100M, allowing testing of devices and networks from core to edge.

Regression Testing


Test options for all G.826x/7x standards, with Script Recorder and Calnex Test Sequencer (CTS) with custom automation.

Time and Time Error

This Technical Overview discusses how time is distributed over the network, how Time Error affects network performance, and methods to mitigate Time Error to ensure accurate timing and synchronization throughout the network.

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Jitter & Wander in SyncE

Examining the implications of Jitter and Wander in the SyncE environment. What is Jitter & Wander? The many causes of Jitter & Wander are discussed along with comment on ITU-T standards, and the measurements that must be considered.

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Suggested products

Spirent Paragon-neo


Designed for NEMs developing, verifying and manufacturing devices against enhanced timing standards, and for those designing and deploying 5G networks and systems, Paragon-neo provides PTP and SyncE testing of speeds up to 100G.

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Spirent Paragon-400G

Paragon 400G

Spirent Paragon-400G helps verify synchronization accuracy and guarantee standards compliance, to ensure 400G devices and systems deliver the high quality network services of the future.

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Spirent Paragon-X and Paragon-100G


Paragon-X and Paragon-100G bring together all the measurements needed for the design & verification of Ethernet synchronization devices & networks.

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Spirent Paragon-t


Paragon-t combines power with versatility, enabling simultaneous clock measurement for parallel device testing (including SECs, EECs, Boundary and Slave clocks) and network chain evaluation, through four independent transmit and measurement ports.

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