Testing beyond networks

The need to achieve predictability, resiliency and fault isolation in your Virtualized infrastructure is at its peak. Spirent CloudStress is a synthetic workload generator that can simulate physical footprint of any virtual machine to help validate your NFVi or cloud deployments.

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Knowing your Clouds

Ability to compare and contrast the health of multiple clouds with multi-dimensional testing helps you improve predictability and performance of your infrastructure.

Effective capacity planning

Simulated workloads generate load on the infrastructure for CPU, Memory, Storage and Network allows you to do capacity planning based on key methodologies.

Fault tolerance and resiliency

Bottleneck analysis of a single VM or service chains will help accelerates testing cycles by helping you isolate the problem between virtual machines and the infrastructure.

Features and Benefits

Cloud verification methodologies
Collection of pre-configured test methodologies suited for your cloud and virtualized applications.
Dynamic cloud grade workloads
Test for capacity and boundary limits using precise realistic load generation.
Real-time analytics
Instantaneous feedback through real-time analytics and comprehensive reports.

Enterprise-ready testing suite

Convenient Access


Access all your network and cloud testing solutions from a web-based portal on any device, anywhere.

Easy Management


Collaborate and share test metrics across all your teams for improved productivity and user experience.

Secure Repository


Save test configurations and reports in the cloud for easy sharing and viewing from a secure repository.

Validate your Virtual Infrastructure

Introducing a SaaS testing tool that can simulate any type of application workload with precise control, key analytics and driven by methodologies.

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Virtual Infrastructure Benchmarking

Get familiar with current network testing challenges and why testing hypervisor performance for Cloud and NFV use cases is critical in a virtual environment.

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Synthetic Workload Generators

Learn how synthetic workload generators can be harnessed to benchmark hypervisors and validate functionality, performance of various applications.

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The Dark Side of Cloud Networking

The move from dedicated appliances to virtualized network functions is full of risk. Read about the benefits and risks of technical strategies used to improve VNF performance.

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Ensure VNF performance and scale

Learn about various strategies employed to isolate VNF resources to ensure performance and scale. Explore in detail the risks and trade-offs associated with each and how to best avert them.

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Network and Cloud Testing Platform

Learn how Spirent Temeva and its applications offered as SaaS solutions can help simplify your network and cloud testing needs through a single platform.

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Suggested Products

Spirent Temeva

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Software-as-a-Service platform for cloud and network testing, delivering up-to-date network testing solutions accessible from anywhere, with any device.

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Spirent TrafficCenter

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Network testing made easy. All the tools needed for network traffic flow validation and diagnosis delivered in a web-based solution for Enterprise users.

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Spirent MethodologyCenter

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Quickly configure and run test scenarios with this web application to get network answers faster, without requiring detailed knowledge of the underlying test tool.

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