Boost Test Productivity

Get network answers faster and increase team productivity by leveraging the expertise built into Spirent MethodologyCenter web application. Choose from a library of over 50 built-in test scenarios that can be configured and run from any popular browser.

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Get Answers Faster

Spirent MethodologyCenter enables you to quickly configure and perform various scenario-based tests. It allows you to answer your performance, scale, and network configuration questions.

Standardized Tests

Methodologies are grouped into several packages such as benchmarking, Quality of Service, compliance, etc. and a growing library of common standardized test scenarios like RFC 2544, RFC 2889.




Standard RFC 2544 and RFC 2889 forwarding performance testing


Service turn-up

Y.1564-based service validation and service performance characterization


Route reflector

BGP Route Reflector performance characterization


Core routing

BGP, IS-IS, & OSPF scale and performance testing


Quality of Service

QoS policy validation, verifying proper implementation at Layer 2 (VLANs) and Layer 3 (DSCP)



Simulation of subscribers accessing and changing multiple channels in a multicast IPTV network

Features and Benefits

Scenario-based testing
Spirent MethodologyCenter is a SaaS application with all the tools needed for scenario-based network traffic flow validation and diagnosis.
Quality of Experience
Improves productivity and user experience with preconfigured topology profiles that help save time and get to meaningful results faster.
Application is up and running with minimal investment through the use of virtual technology, also compatible with existing Spirent hardware.

Enterprise-ready testing suite

Convenient Access


Access all your network and cloud testing solutions from a web-based portal on any device, anywhere.

Easy Management


Collaborate and share test metrics across all your teams for improved productivity and user experience.

Secure Repository


Save test configurations and reports in the cloud for easy sharing and viewing from a secure repository.

RFC 6349 TCP Performance Testing

Read about current trends for testing throughput performance and the standards that help Service Providers benchmark QoE and validate SLAs.

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RFC 6349 Methodology Pack

Learn how to measure TCP throughput to validate bandwidth levels and ensure policy with Spirent MethodologyCenter’s RFC 6349 Methodology Pack.

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Scenario-based testing

Find out what made us simplify the years of network testing expertise into this easy to use web application that enterprise users simply can’t live without.

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Network and Cloud Testing Platform

Learn how Spirent Temeva and its applications offered as SaaS solutions can help simplify your network and cloud testing needs through a single platform.

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vSwitch Benchmarking

vSwitches are critical in NFV environments. Benchmark your vSwitch according to IETF RFC with Spirent MethodologyCenter’s vSwitch Benchmarking pack.

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