Conformance Testing

New networking protocols are continuously developed to support the latest industry innovations. Ensuring compliance with the standards and specifications for a protocol is critical for getting new technologies to the market faster.

Through conformance testing, NEMs, Service Providers and Data Center Operators verify the interoperability and reliability of their new products or services in a multi-vendor environment. Spirent Conformance Test Solution is uniquely suited to help improve this testing process.


Spirent Conformance Test Solution dramatically decreases the time required to test compliance and interoperability of network devices for network protocols. Benefits include:

  • Reduce project costs by identifying protocol compliance failures earlier in the development and integration cycles
  • Isolate interoperability issues between different vendor implementations
  • Most comprehensive test coverage in the industry
  • Improved result analysis for faster root cause analysis
  • One touch automation with DUT Automation Editor and Scenario Generator

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How to get started?

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Key Benefits


Ensure Interoperability

Compliance to industry standards and specifications ensures interoperability


DUT Automation Editor

Context sensitive DUT automation editor with support for scripts portability across platforms



Results database for trend analysis and archived test results for previous test runs

Spirent Conformance Test Solution

Increase productivity and improve the testing process by executing complex test cases in less time with the same resources.

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Spirent Conformance Test Solution—Virtual

Enables users to establish a true virtual test bed for conformance testing which can be setup and modified quickly and easily.

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Spirent TestCenter Virtual

Extends and complements the capabilities of Spirent TestCenter to benchmark and optimize performance of virtual switches and cloud platforms.

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Carrier Ethernet 2.0 Conformance Testing

Spirent solutions enable Metro Ethernet and L2 switch vendors to validate whether their implementations are ready for MEF 2.0 Certification. Test cases include all four carrier services: E-Access, E-LAN, E-Line, and E-Tree.

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Using Spirent TestCenter for testing

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Spirent TestCenter Virtual

Spirent TestCenter Virtual

A software module that extends and complements the capabilities of Spirent TestCenter to benchmark and optimize performance of virtual switches, network virtualization and cloud platforms.

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