Testing Time-Sensitive Networking for Industrial Automation and Automotive

Meet the challenges of latency, QoS, conformance, scalability, and synchronization with Spirent’s compliance and performance test solutions integrated in a single hardware platform to enable device vendors and vehicle manufacturers to easily test and validate their implementations for industrial automation and in-vehicle networks.

Spirent Supports First TSN Interoperability Test in China

Spirent partners with the Alliance of Industrial Internet (AII) and leading industrial network equipment vendors to successfully complete a major milestone in TSN equipment interoperability testing in China. The test will help promote and provide guidance for the development, deployment and implementation of TSN technology and industrial network innovation.

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TSN Products & Solutions

Spirent Automotive C50

Complete Layer 2-7 router, switch, application and security test solutions in a 3U form factor with support for line-rate 100BASE-T1, 1000BASE-T1, NBASE-T (100M/1/2.5/5/10G), 1G and 10G Ethernet test ports.

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Spirent Automotive C1

Complete Layer 2-7 router, switch, application and security test solutions in a portable form factor with support for line-rate 100BASE-T1, 1000BASE-T1, NBASE-T (100M/1/2.5/5/10G), and 10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet test ports.

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TSN Solutions Overview

TSN test solutions allow Automotive, Industrial, Networking, and Pro AV system and equipment manufacturers to perform conformance and performance testing in a single hardware platform over variety of interfaces and speeds.

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Automotive AVB/TSN

Expandable and scalable, multi-faceted solution for conformance, functionality and performance testing in one platform, supporting a comprehensive set of TSN standards and different Ethernet media types and speeds.

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Test solution providing predefined test scenarios that can be executed automatically to verify that your devices are fully conformant to the relevant IEEE standards, including Reception, Transmission, Verify, and LLDP tests.

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Solution including predefined test scenarios fully covering relevant IEEE standards including gate opening & closing, guard band, configuration changing and queues properties tests. All tests can be executed against bridges as well as end stations.

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Automated solution for Conformance Testing of network devices (end station or bridge) against TSN Frame Replication and Elimination for Reliability (FRER) standard IEEE802.1CB including ready-to-be executed, predefined scenarios.

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Automated solution for testing the IEEE 802.1 Qci standard for per-stream filtering and policing to protect TSN networks against overloading by misbehaving devices (babbling idiot problem) including predefined test scenarios.

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Spirent TTworkbench

Conformance and certification testing of TSN-enabled networks, cabling, devices and systems with a test automation platform emulating a realistic and deterministic environment that speeds up product development and improves quality.

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Spirent Paragon

One box test solution for SyncE, 1588v2 PTP and NTP synchronization mechanisms, bringing together all the measurements needed for the design and verification of Ethernet backhaul synchronization devices and networks.

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Spirent TestCenter Protocols

Test solutions for verifying latency, synchronization, scalability and QoS of TSN/AVB enabled networks, cabling, devices and systems on a single hardware platform supporting a wide variety of interfaces and speeds.

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Ensure compliance to latest standards

Spirent is working with government agencies, laboratories, standards bodies and commercial organizations to successfully implement new features and services that form the intelligent transportation systems and connected vehicles of the 21st century.


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