Build, Execute and Analyze Complex Test Scenarios Quickly and Easily

Product update:

December 4, 2019 - The new version of TTworkbench 29 supports the latest TTCN-3 edition 4.11, is based on Eclipse 4.12 (Release 2019-06) and includes an OpenJDK 13 package. Get more details...

TTworkbench is the full-featured integrated test development and execution environment (IDE) for any kind of test automation project. This powerful, user-friendly tool allows you to test software products and services regardless of technology, operating system, or implementation domain.

Developing scalable tests has never been easier. Choose from a variety of already existing plugins and test solutions available for TTworkbench, or start your test automation project from scratch.

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TTworkbench comes in two different product formats:

  • TTworkbench Basic: Maintain and modify test suites
  • TTworkbench Professional: Build complex test environments

TTworkbench product overview


  • All-in-one development concept
  • Fast and easy test definition in textual and/or graphical format
  • Full supported test automation
  • Technology independent test system design in TTCN-3
  • Constantly supporting the latest edition of TTCN-3
  • Testing in early design stages
  • High reusability and easy execution of predefined tests
  • Fast integration of test systems
  • Reliable test suites through fast and efficient tracking of bugs
  • Pre-installed TTplugins TCP and UDP (free of charge)
  • Extensible by a variety of further TTplugins
  • Support for all TTCN-3 extension:
    • Full support: Advanced parameterization, behaviour types and extended TRI
    • Partial support: TTCN-3 performance and real-time testing, interfaces with continuous signals

Features & Highlights

TTman: Manage, execute and analyze TTCN-3 compiled test suites

TTman screenshot
  • Definition, execution, saving and resuming of test campaigns project-wise
  • Textual and graphical logging with different levels
  • Test data view with analysis support
  • Follow TTCN-3 source function
  • Selection and configuration of test adapter and runtime plugins (ports, codecs, external functions)
  • Statistics view
  • Generation of test reports (HTML, PDF, Excel, Word)
  • Scripting for batch mode tests
  • Command line and client server option

CL Editor: User-friendly, text-based test definition (including T3Doc)

CL Editor screenshot
  • Full support of the TTCN-3 ETSI standard
  • Text formatting and syntax highlighting
  • Text annotation and error reporting with source navigation
  • Code folding, code templates
  • TTCN-3 data generation and modification wizard
  • Content assistance
  • Module dependency graph
  • Outline page showing specification structure
  • Quick fix support
  • Refactoring
  • T3Doc HTML export

TTthree: Compile TTCN-3 modules into test executables

TTthree screenshot
  • Platform-independent compilation and execution
  • Full support of the TTCN-3 ETSI standard
  • Flexible adaptation to test devices via standardized TTCN-3 Runtime Interface (TRI/XTRI, TRI RT/XTRI RT)
  • Easy integration of external codecs via standardized TTCN-3 Control Interfaces (TCI)
  • Support of C, C#, and Java mapping
  • Codec generator for binary codecs
  • Command line option

GFT Editor: User-friendly graphical test specification and documentation

GFT Editor screenshot
  • Graphical design and visualization of test cases as GFT sequence diagrams
  • Native TTCN-3 data import
  • On-line generation of TTCN-3 Core Language
  • Automatic generation of GFT (graphics) out of TTCN-3 Core Language
  • Flexible export of graphics into GIF (documentation)


Capture & Replay Wizard: Generation of TTCN-3 scripts out of traces

Capture & Replay Wizard screenshot
  • Generation of TTCN-3 scripts out of traces
  • Pcap Trace File Support (used by e.g. Wireshark and tcpdump): widespread capturing format for nearly all kind of network communication
  • Live message capturing from multiple sources
  • Support for console in-/output: script generation for all kind of terminal based communication
  • More information:

TTdebug: TTCN-3 source code level debugger

TTdebug screenshot
  • Transparent debugging of TTCN-3 and Java-based test adapters and codecs simultaneously
  • GUI based setting/removal of breakpoints and watchpoints
  • Manually suspending/resuming running test suites
  • Stepping through a suspended test suite
  • Viewing the status and the stack traces of multiple components
  • Content viewing and modification of local and component variables from base or structured types and of local parameters
  • Viewing the status of timers and manually triggering timeouts
  • Viewing the status of port queues
  • Manipulating the order of messages in the queues
  • Viewing the content of the messages in the queues

RPDE: Runtime Plugin Development Environment

RPDE screenshot
  • Intuitive framework for developing TTCN-3 runtime extension plugins
  • Editing in a plain mode as well as in a GUI assisted mode for all features of a TTCN-3 runtime plugin

Automotive Ethernet Network Testing

Read this case study to learn how Spirent assisted Hyundai in their efforts to determine the best Ethernet designs, to ensure their next-generation automobile conforms to IP and AVB standards.
TTworkbench is basis of the Spirent solutions that were used to test the compliance to OPEN Alliance SIG and Avnu standards – an important requirement for building a complete ecosystem of interoperable devices.

Download Hyundai case study →

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