Tame the complexity of cybersecurity in the connected age

Our world demands high performance, with strong security. By leveraging Spirent’s advanced security testing platforms, seasoned security specialists with industry-specific expertise, and realistic application load and threat traffic emulation, our clients can fulfill their promise of swift and secure business communications in an increasingly complex environment.

GPS Jammers: Vulnerabilities and Spoofing of Satellite Navigation and Timing Systems

This on-demand webinar provides a tour of the vulnerabilities of satellite navigation and timing systems to a wide variety of exploitations of RF interference and reveals the ways in which these vulnerabilities can be exploited by attackers.

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The State of IoT Security

This infographic summarizes the results of an IDC survey commissioned by Spirent into IoT implementations and related data security and privacy risks.

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Used to gauge the security, performance, and efficacy of today’s vulnerable networks by emulating realistic traffic volumes as well as threat and attack scenarios. Users can deploy and refine network infrastructures for their demanding security and performance needs

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Provides 1Gbps to over 100Gbps of capacity, security and performance testing for network infrastructures, Web application infrastructures, and media services ensuring Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) for your customers

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Services team provides unique expertise for proactive compliance and penetration testing, using a variety of protocols including those that are new in the market. With this expertise, our services are able to test and validate a broad range of targets including networks, WiFi, web and mobile applications and IoT devices

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CyberFlood Data Breach Assessment

Get accurate, automated, continuous and thorough assessment of your live production environment using ultra-realistic attack and application scenario emulation—so you can identify and address vulnerabilities before attackers do.

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