Lab as a Service (LaaS) delivers the lab resources required by developers, testers, pre- and post-sales support teams and others on an on-demand basis. LaaS is proven to reduce CapEx and increase lab user efficiency. Spirent delivers Lab as a Service with Spirent Velocity.

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Intelligent Resource Queuing

Spirent Velocity 8.1 introduces a new feature that provides a highly efficient just-in-time resource reservation functionality. Using this feature, users can reserve resources at the time of need, and release them once done.

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Streamline your Continuous Testing

Are you trying to build out a Continuous Test solution? Spirent’s Automation Platforms bridge the chasm between Development and QA. Our new eBook explains how.

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Webinar: How to Deliver a World-Class Customer Experience

Dan Lunderville, from Palo Alto Networks, speaks about how automation completely transformed PANs labs. This 30-minute webinar talks about how post sales support teams are under pressure to close cases faster and cut costs, the benefits of automation and how to justify automation.

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Velocity Framework -
Built for Business

The Velocity Framework is the ideal platform for you to build on top of. It employs four ‘Build it Smart’ (BIS) imperatives, modular design, and REST API, to straightforwardly integrate into your existing DevOps tool chain.

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Building Complete Lab as a Service Solutions

Spirent has partnered with Rahi Systems to expand its Lab as a Service (LaaS) solutions suite with design, buildout and integration services for lab environments. Together, Spirent and Rahi Systems bring a full-service portfolio to enable the Integration, Orchestration and Networking required to create automated development and test environments. This solution, referred to as ION, saves millions in lab related OpEx and CapEx per year and optimizes key testing workflows from hours to minutes.

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Testimonial from NOKIA for 5G Test

“Our goals for the 5G Lab as a Service include automation of 5G lifecycle testing and more efficient sharing of physical and virtual test resources across teams. Spirent’s automation expertise and Lab as a Service platform, Spirent Velocity, have been critical to our successful deployment in Oulu. We expect to achieve significant acceleration of 5G lifecycle tests along with a substantial reduction in test infrastructure costs as we deploy 5G Lab as a Service throughout Nokia.”
Rauno Jokelainen, Vice President of Radio and Advanced Antennas at Nokia

Testimonial from Palo Alto Networks for Spirent’'s Velocity Lab as a Service

“Since implementing Spirent’'s Velocity Lab as a Service, we have seen significant savings by reducing the time our engineers collectively spend per week on lab setup. Further, thanks to the usage metrics that the Spirent solution provides, we can now easily direct resources to equipment that is most in demand and ensure availability to our most important users. The result is improved workflow efficiencies that save money and time for our team, and even more importantly, translates into increased customer satisfaction.”
Matthew Stauble, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Customer Service & Support at Palo Alto Networks

FiberHome Logo

“Velocity’s ability to set up testbeds quickly and efficiently has reduced our testbed set up time by over 90%, dramatically increasing our testing capacity. In addition, Velocity’s dashboards help us share equipment across teams more efficiently, reducing equipment costs substantially. Beyond these key benefits, we selected Velocity due to Spirent’s commitment to understanding our test automation goals and ability to achieve them.”
Mr. Hu Guohua, General Manager of FiberHome’s Networking Business Unit Testing Department.

Introducing iTest 8.2

iTest introduces three powerful enhancements focused on security, third-party integrations, and ease of use. The 8.2 release features include Secrets Management with Secret Token Values in Response Maps. New IxLoad REST Session, NETCONF 1.1 compatibility, with ability to download Velocity topologies from Import Wizard and custom prompts in Session Profile Wizard-- future integration between iTest and Velocity will continue to strengthen in future releases.

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Lab as a Service for Next-Generation Labs

LaaS provides the agility and flexibility to allow many consumers to partake in continuous testing processes. Download this eBook to learn more about how LaaS can help your organizations processes.

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Webinar: Delivering on the promise of DevOps

Learn how Lab as a Service (LaaS) breaks down barriers to DevOps. LaaS streamlines the use of shared lab resources across teams and geographies, delivering dramatically improved efficiency and cost savings.

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Lab as a Service for Physical/Virtual Hybrid Testbeds

With the most dramatic technology disruptions happening, the network industry is rethinking how the network is being delivered and managed. Learn more about how the network industry is taking on these challenges in Service Assurance and network testing and verification in this eBook.

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Got NetDevOps?

Rapid, automated validation speeds new services to market, reduces costs and improves quality. But focusing just on Dev teams is only half the battle. To bring these benefits across the entire lifecycle, enable Dev and Ops teams to seamlessly validate and assure networks.

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