Test as a Service (TaaS) enables continuous testing to be delivered on an on-demand basis to networking test and development teams. Spirent’s TaaS integrates seamlessly into DevOps tool chains to optimize your efficiency. Spirent’s Test and Lab as a Service Platforms are tightly integrated to maximize reuse and test coverage.

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Streamline your Continuous Testing

Are you trying to build out a Continuous Test solution? Spirent’s Automation Platforms bridge the chasm between Development and QA. Our new eBook explains how.

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Aston Martin Racing 

iTest speeds Aston Martin Racing's trackside setup

“Testing the network manually used to take over an hour every time. With iTest, it now only takes a couple of minutes and we have total confidence nothing was missed.”
-Alistair Grimshaw, Senior Analysis Engineer

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Velocity Framework -
Built for Business

The Velocity Framework is the ideal platform for you to build on top of. It employs four ‘Build it Smart’ (BIS) imperatives, modular design, and REST API, to straightforwardly integrate into your existing DevOps tool chain.

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Introducing iTest 8.2

iTest introduces three powerful enhancements focused on security, third-party integrations, and ease of use. The 8.2 release features include Secrets Management with Secret Token Values in Response Maps. New IxLoad REST Session, NETCONF 1.1 compatibility, with ability to download Velocity topologies from Import Wizard and custom prompts in Session Profile Wizard-- future integration between iTest and Velocity will continue to strengthen in future releases.

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Test as a Service for Mobile

Explore Spirent’s solutions designed for 5G and other up and coming networks.

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Got NetDevOps?

Rapid, automated validation speeds new services to market, reduces costs and improves quality. But focusing just on Dev teams is only half the battle. To bring these benefits across the entire lifecycle, enable Dev and Ops teams to seamlessly validate and assure networks.

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